Welcome to the Legends of the Darkstone

Darkstone Enterprises provides superior quality fantasy role-playing games with totally original and creative story lines for PG rated audiences. Using a core group of talented professionals, Darkstone maintains an ongoing commitment to growth and patron satisfaction.

Darkstone Enterprises meets the demands of sophisticated 'mudders' with the monthly addition of new areas filled with brain-teasing puzzles and imaginative mobs. The Legends of the Darkstone has a loyal following of players who play daily, write stories about their characters and participate in the role-playing environment of the game.

Legends of the Darkstone came into being in 1996. Earlier, John Donlan, AKA Tarin began working on the map and ideas while still in high school. He met Brian Danna, AKA Seluctruh on another MUD. They decided they wanted to make their own MUD that had a more role-playing environment and create a game that would encourage more thinking than the typical hack and slash MUD.

Since then, the MUD has taken on a life of its own, and the new builders and players continue to shape the world that we call home.