A New Player's Guide to Creating their First Character

By Rassik


Character creation for a first time player may seem like a daunting task, and in many ways it is. The choices you make now will permanently effect your character's ability to perform tasks, complete quests, join guilds, orders, and clans, and fight both players and game-run mobiles. This guide was created to make character creation an easy process for all players, and to put everyone on an even playing field so everyone can enjoy Darkstone.

Choosing a Name

Darkstone requires you to come up with a unique, medieval-themed name for each of your characters. The name you create should take into account your character's gender, race, background, and personality. Characters should not be named after popular fictional characters (ie: Gandalf, Frodo, Dracula, ...), they should not be named after celebrities or political figures (ie: Obama, ParisHilton, Putin, ...), they should be in good taste and not contain foul language, and they should not be ordinary words or slang nick-names (ie: SwordMaster, Killer, Spike, ...)

If you need assistance creating a name feel free to utilize our web-based name generator. And remember, if any of the Darkstone staff feel that your name is inappropriate or not in keeping with the theme of Darkstone, they can instruct you to come up with a new name at any time.

Choosing your Gender

Characters in Darkstone can be either male or female. Your character's gender can be a significant part of your role-playing in the game, but it is important to note that your character's gender has no actual affect on your character's strength, success, or capability. Feel free to choose the gender that you feel best describes your character.

Choosing your Race

Your race is an important part of the story you craft for your character and Darkstone allows players to play several unique races in the game. A brief synopsis of each race is below, more information can be found in game by typing help <race>.

Human- The generic race, with no inherent strengths or weaknesses.
Dwarf- Short, hardy and hairy, often cantankerous in personality.
Elf- Tall, thin and swift like the wind, close to nature and earth.
Halfling- Short, quick and furry. Mischevious and head-strong.
Pixie- A winged race, small of stature and with keen minds.
Half-Elf- A mix of Human and Elf, possess the advantages of both.
Half-Ogre- Tall, powerful and deadly in combat. The prototypical warrior.
Half-Orc- Large, squat and smelly. Make exceptionally deadly warriors.
Half-Troll- A constitution just short of god-like, a truly deadly race.
Troll- Bulky and strong, trolls hit hard and have high constitution.
Gith- Gaunt and long of limb, these beings naturally detect invis.
Glandar- Short and very magically adept, they make natural mages.
Gnome- Short and stocky but highly intelligent with good constitution.
Katrin- Tall and dextorious, Katrins can make quite good thieves.
Arayan- Humans of average build with bronze skin and no facial hair.
Haran- Black skinned humans who are very strong and powerful.
Eyan- Tall, thin and wiry. Make poor warriors due to their build.
Minotaur- Huge and immensely strong. Make good Knights and Warriors.
Eldari- A race taught by a god in knowledge and magic.

Your character's race influences the game in a multitude of ways. There are several race-specific quests throughout the game, some races are openly hostile towards each other-- such as the cat-like Katrin and the beastly Minotaurs-- and will attack each other on site, and players will role-play with you in different ways based off of your race.

Choosing your Class

The class you choose determines your role in life in the lands of Darkstone. Select the class that best represents the character you want to play. Darkstone offers the following classes:

Augurer- Wise. Relies on both brain and brawn to defeat an enemy.
Bard- Using song, music, and their strength for powerful attacks.
Cleric- Wise in the ways of healing and shielding, using holy powers.
Druid- Wise in natural arts, able to shield and heal. Able in battle.
Gypsy- Using dexterity in the ways of deception. Able with magic.
Knight- Righteous and strong in their holy healing, and battling ways.
Mage- Intelligence to cast powerful battle magic, and bend reality.
Ranger- Independent, using skills and strength to survive all alone.
Thief- Stealth, cunning, dexterity to perform their deceptive craft.
Vampire- Using blood, dexterity, and darkness. Strong in the dark arts.
Warrior- Strength to fight and battle, using fighter strategies to win.

Your First Steps

Once you create your character you will find yourself in Limbo facing the Spirit of the Darkstone. He will give you the option of either going through the New Player's Academy or being transferred directly to the Temple of Tarin in Windy Bluff. The Academy is a great place for players new to MUDding and text-based RPGs, it will teach you the basic commands needed to be successful in Darkstone. Choosing to go directly into the game does not negatively affect you in any way.

Congratulations, you've just created your character! For help with your first few levels, see a Brief Guide to Playing Darkstone.