Organizations of Darkstone

   The Order of the Broken Dagger

Deity: Rassik
Leader:  Noslen

Picture of The Order of the Broken Dagger The Order of the Broken Dagger is a criminal organization primarily based in the town of Windy Bluff, although their influence extends to all parts of the Realm. The Order was founded when two seperate organizations, The Guild of Fighters-- a mercenary guild of warriors, and The Dark Brotherhood-- a clan of thieves and assassins, combined their well honed skills into an organization dedicated to obtaining wealth, power, and influence through any means possible.

The Order believes in the power of unseen force. Although they have no qualms with murder, they prefer to extend their influence through much more subtle means-- bribery, blackmail, extortion, and untimely accidents are much more their forte.

Joining the Order is no easy feat. Members must be well seasoned both in combat and in subterfuge. Those with strong moral compasses need not apply, members do not hesitate to take blades against those that stand in their way--innocent or not.

Remember: Silentium est Aureum

   The Order of WhiteTigers

Deity: Tatianna
Leader:  Sarvulis

We, of the Order of the WhiteTigers, are above all else, eternal servants of the Great Goddess Tatianna. We worship her, we do her bidding, we die for her, and we kill in her name. We will gladly throw away all that we possess, and more, to fulfill her desired Path.

Heathens who cross her, will have to face us traitors who hide amongst her ranks will be found by us..dare not to offend our Goddess, for we of the White Tigers will not take it kindly.

In the past, we have watched and observed, keeping a low profile in the Lands, but now, be aware that we have risen up to defend Tatianna's name, and to lead her worshippers in the proper direction. Also know, that when the Order speaks, we represent the Great Goddess fully, and thus, we speak in her name.

To the clans of Darkstone, know that we are above your petty politics, for we represent a much higher authority. And to all of Tatianna's worshippers, we ask you to raise your weapons skyward in our direction, if you cross paths with us, for we are the Order of WhiteTigers, the Army of Tatianna, Defenders of the Great Goddess.


Deity: Tarin
Leader:  Geseg

Citizens of Darkstone,

The calling of the Light is not one to be entered lightly. It holds neither a promise of power nor that of peaceful living. Those in search of power should seek it elsewhere, for no one can serve both power and principle. Unfortunately, those who do seek power invariably disrupt the peace of others. Consider yourselves warned that I have witnessed some of our junior members repeatedly slain until they abandoned themselves to the Void, merely because of their association with those who would not stand idle in the face of evil deeds. The calling of the Light is, in fact, a calling of service, a service which is guided primarily by two principles.

Those who serve the Light first seek to enhance it through bold proclamations and virtuous living. We do not seek to eradicate evil through conquest, for none can learn to love the Light out of fear. We seek rather to express our view to any who would listen in the hope that they would be encouraged to choose the path of righteousness. More telling even than words is a life so guided by principle that even the risk of great personal sacrifice does not sway it from the path of virtue. Such examples are impossible to ignore even by those who choose other paths.

Servants of the Light secondly seek to train and protect those who are less experienced than themselves. That there are many hard lessons in life is no reason that every individual should learn them the hard way. We share the lessons born out of our own experiences so that others may meet with success without an undue measure of strife. Similarly, we will not stand idle while foul deeds are visited upon the innocent. Such vile acts as theft, extortion, and murder all demand justice, though even the greatest of villains deserves an opportunity to repent and make restitution to those wronged. Thus, it is only as a last resort that we bring the use of force to bear on those who violate the lives or livelihoods of others.

Consequently, I call only to those of noble character and resolute determination, willing to live their lives in service to those who may never express gratitude, and knowing that the ultimate price may be required when the time comes to stand against a ruthless enemy. Any who is willing to live such a life of principle rather than that of power is welcome to join with me, though the only comfort I can promise is that bond of fellowship born out of the knowledge that we have well and faithfully served the Light together.

Those wishing to inquire further may contact me in person or by leaving a letter at the post office.

Geseg Ramindae (Leader of Dawnbringers)


Deity: Kehl
Leader:  Fyr

The Guardians is a clan for those who are new to the realm of Darkstone and/or MUD's in general. We teach the basics of how to live and get around in the realm.

Due to our special cause we are a slightly out-of-character clan and accept new members directly out of the Newbie Academy or level two. As such we do not require our members to role-play, susbscribe to any particular alignment, nor follow any specific deity, and we do not allow our members to be a party in wars.

Also due to our special nature our members are protected from player-kills and player-steals up to the level of twenty. However, this rule works both ways. Members under the level of twenty are not allowed to kill or steal from other players.

Our inductees are not expected to stay Guardians forever. We encourage our members who feel experienced enough to move on to one of the in-character clans of the realm so that they may participate in the role-play environment. Anyone who wishes to stay in the Guardians may do so and help teach the next generation of players from the knowledge they have earned.

Those who wish to join with the Guardians should make their request known to an officer of the clan. Any current member knows how to contact an officer and they can put you on the right path.


Deity: Seluctruh
Leader:  Karlaek

The ancient Vampires strive endlessly to achieve greatness amongst the realms, and to become a dark and powerful force. Choosing to live within the darkness in secrecy, the members of the Vampires keep to themselves. They are not bound to each other by name, tag, or item, yet by life force. The Vampires are a family tied to one another by blood, and are forever devoted to evil.


Deity: Arcum
Leader:  Damen

The Shadows' primary and stronger purpose is to cover the lands in pure evil and drive out the forces of good. Those who stand in their way, soon become slaves under their power. With such immense power, they can turn what was once a living person into nothing more than a shadow. These shadows are doomed to an eternity of fighting beside this elite force of evil.

Being pure evil, the Shadows have no mercy with opposing powers, especially those who belong to the light. They do not fear what they will find ahead, to the contrary, they proceed with their quests regardless of what blocks their way. They consider the path of darkness the right path for power and will do everything to achieve their goals.

One cannot join this clan of darkness without having the following requirements:

1. They must be devoted, body and soul, to any evil deity existent in the realms to prove their true reverence to evil and that they have chosen their path. No person who has any tendencies to become good is allowed in the clan.

2. They must vow their loyalty to the Shadows and to its members, always respecting the rules of the clan and obeying its leaders.

3. They must be experienced enough to join the clan, having at least twenty-five levels of experience, to prove they are not too worthless to become a Shadow.

4. They must prove their knowledge about the realm to the Shadows by successfully completing a short task, which will be sent by one of its leaders.

   Guild of Mystics

Leader:  Ravel

We, the Guild of Mystics, dedicate ourselves to the preservation and furthering of the use of magic. The people of Darkstone rely heavily upon the use of magic, utilizing the spells of flight for travel, spells of food and water for their very sustenance, the spells of protection when preparing for battle, the spells of attack when fighting, and the spells of healing when finished fighting. They utilize magic for simple tasks such as gaining more information about their daily objects, or recalling to a home location with swiftness. Magic is an essential part of our culture, but not everybody can use it equally.

We, the mystics, believe that those of us that are dedicated magic users, relying as much upon our craft as our strength, need to band together to work as one. Together, we can become stronger than we were separately. Together, we can help to educate young magic users, so that they may learn strength and purpose as they gain in skills. We can also use our combined strength to further the prestige and knowledge of magic users. We offer our skills and power to the people of Darkstone for gold or barter, for together we can accomplish astonishing feats through our magic.

The Guild of Mystics strives to maintain a powerful fellowship of strictly magic users. We have set out some guidelines for those who aspire to join with us:

1) Membership is limited to users of magic. This includes: Mages, Clerics, Augerers, Druids, Gypsies and Bards.

2) We expect our members to show proficiency in their craft and knowledge about the Lands of Darkstone. Therefore, we require applicants to be a minimum of level 25.

3) Applicants must successfully perform a quest, as assigned by a ranking officer of the Guild.

4) Devotion to the guild and the conservation of magic is our first priority. Members of the Guild are expected to remain members for life.

   The Knighthood

Leader:  Krothgar

Chivalry. Valor. Faith. Honor. These are words that define the chevalier's code, the code that defines the distinguished order of the Knighthood.

Now reconstituted after past ages in decline, the Knighthood is an order dedicated to the knightly ways and the ideals of truth and justice. Only knights are accepted into the fold of this elite force, to become chevaliers sworn to the defense of the realm. A chevalier, as one of these righteous brethren, is bound by the code to serve as a paragon of knightly virtue and nobility, an example to all others. They who defy this law defy the order itself.

In times of trouble, the Knighthood will ride to the fore, hunting down injustice and iniquity wherever it may be found. In peacetime, the order polices the realm, lending aid to the weak and keeping their vigilance. The order must ever stand ready against the threat of the shadow, while upholding the light and promoting the ways of the chevalier. Owing to its very nature, the Knighthood will not suffer any of evil alignment or religion within its ranks.

The Knighthood welcomes any and all knights who would embrace the code and the cause. Take up the eight-pointed cross, and ride with us.

   Guild of Thespians

Leader:  Fizwic

The Thespians are a group of performers that entertain the masses by doing public performances and putting on regular entertainment events. They own their own theater, where the majority of their performances are done. While the bards and gypsies put on an unforgettable performance, the mages handle the special effects and stand in as support actors. The guilds thieves do most of the production work behind the scenes. Members of the guild will also do random performances all around the realm to promote the large productions. Bards and gypsies are primary prospects for the Thespians. Mages are also needed to provide special effects and other magical needs. Thieves are needed to bring in gold to keep the many expenses that come with putting on the productions paid. The acceptance of fighters is limited, a few are needed to act as security at the large entertainment events.