The Races of Darkstone


Humans are the most numerous and least unusual of the races. They possess no special abilities or bonuses, but also have no penalties. Because of this, Humans are extremely adaptable and are able to assume a variety of classes and roles.

Humans are bipedal beings, boasting two arms, two legs and a roundish head. Amazingly, Humans have a strange tendency to look different from each the other; almost none look exactly alike.

There are also subraces of human who differ from the majority of the race. These races have adapted their physical and mental abilities to suit their surroundings. They typically come from harsh or unusual regions.


Dwarves are relatively short (in Human terms), stocky and powerfully-built creatures. Long-lived and extremely sturdy, they are known equally as well for their hardiness as for their cantankerous personalities. Their thick, stout frames lend them poor dexterity, but high strength and stamina. This race has produced some of the most reknowned fighters. Dwarves possess the inherent ability to see in the dark with infravision.

Dwarves average from four foot five inches and five feet tall, with dusky complexions and thick, fur-covered torsos and limbs. Both men and women proudly wear and take pride in their beards.


Tall, slender creatures with an affinity for the woods and nature, Elves are distant cousins to the Pixies and share the intelligence and dexterity of that winged race to a lesser degree. With a lighter frame than Humans, what they lack in strength and stamina is made up for with their superior agility - both in thought and movement. Elves are capable in all classes, though they function poorest in the role of pure fighter. Most Elves will prefer to stay close to nature, and many become druids. All Elves have the inherent ability to detect magic.

The average Elf stands taller than most Humans, being well over six feet. Most have fair skin and long, straight hair, though there are individual Elves who chose a darker life reflected in their outward appearance.


Short, slender, bull-headed and very mischievous the Halfling has a level of dexterity which knows no equal, and many enjoy the thrill of stealing valuables from other people. Many halflings choose the path of the Thief, for which their silent footstep and nimble fingers serve them well. This dexterity coupled with a surprising fearlessness makes them a ferocious (though somewhat underpowered) opponent.

Halflings have compact bodies and thick, long limbs, and are usually covered from head to toe in hair of varying thickness and color.


Pixies are small Elfin creatures with gossamer wings. They are very much more intelligent than most other races, but their strength and constitution suffers from their small size. Because of this, the Pixie often choose the calling of magic and excels especially in the arts of the Mage; the mind of the Pixie knows no equal. Pixies possess the obvious ability of flight.

Pixies are slight of stature, standing less than five feet in height. Both their skin and hair color varies from among all the colors of the rainbow.


A mixing of Human and Elven blood, these attractive creatures are neither as intelligent as full-blood Elves (but moreso than Humans), nor as hardy as full-blood Humans (but moreso than Elves). They serve best in classes which require a mix of mental and physical strength without demanding superiority in either. Half-elves carry the inherent Elven ability to see limitedly in the dark with infravision.

Though not as tall as a pure-blood elf, a half-elf is a relatively tall creature ranging from five foot five inches tall to six foot five inches, with a generally more muscular build than the pure-blooded elf.


Half-Ogres are offspring of the successful coupling of the neanderthal-like Ogre with and Humans. Standing from six to nine feet in height and packed with bulging muscles, Half-Ogres possess great physical abilities, enabling this race to thrive in battle. Half-ogres tend to be less quick-witted than humans and, like their pure-blood Ogre relatives, are aggressive in the extreme, often engaging in battle to establish superiority, leaving the loser shunned as a weakling incapable of survival. Because of their human parentage, Half-Ogres are not as large or powerful as pure-breed Ogres, but nevertheless boast truly awesome strength. Half-Ogres possess infravision.

The torso and limbs of many Half-Ogre are commonly covered in small, boney growths. Most are relatively hairless, with disproportionally long limbs, giving many an ape-like appearance. Their weight runs from three hundred to four hundred pounds.


A recent mingling of Orcish and Human blood arising as the darker races have encroached further upon the remaining settled areas, most members of this half-blooded race are distinctly more Orcish than Human in both appearance and behavior. Large and dull of wit, with short but broad bodies, their poor mental and physical dexterity is offset by an iron constitution. Though some have dabbled in the sorcerous arts due to their human influence, brute combat is is still the natural call which stirs in the soul of the Half-Orc. All Half-Orcs possess infravision.

Though not as broad nor powerful as full-blood Orcs, Half-Orcs usually retain their wider bodies, longer, bowed limbs and heavier musculature. A ridged brow crowned by bushy eyebrows conceals small, squinting eyes; below a snout-like noses opens a maw filled with crooked fangs; dark skin emanating a rancid odor; their presence disgusts civilized races. Standing from five to seven feet tall and averaging two hundred pounds, an altogether fearsome race.


An intermingling (carried out in the darker lands of the world) of the blood of the Troll with that of Humans, the Half-troll is as deadly as it is hideous. Though considerably smaller than full-blood Trolls, the Half-troll often stands well over eight feet in height and carries over three hundred pounds on its heavily-muscled frame. Though naturally of low wisdom, the race was sorcerously imbued with a wicked intelligence and the ability to see naturally in the darkness. Half-trolls usually make poor pure magic users, and suffer from an unusually low dexterity. Yet their boundless energy and high intellect create one of the most cunning physical beasts in experienced hands.

Owing in part to the black blood which courses through their heavy veins, the heavily-scaled skin of the Half-troll ranges in color from a charcoal grey to a deep, blackish green. Half-trolls revel in the fright of their appearance, often wearing their hair in battle-braids and emblazoning themselves with brands and tattoos to accentuate the effect.


A Troll's ability to kill can only be matched by its hideousness. The full-blood troll race is extremely large in size, compared to some of the other races which can be found within the realm. Usually standing at an average height of ten feet, they carry over five hundred pounds on their heavily muscled bodies. Their bulk unfortunately limits their speed, lowering their dexterity, yet they are indeed intelligent in the ways of survival. Trolls are strong, belligerent beings of exceptional resilience. Topping their immense strength, they also hold the ability to see living forms in even the darkest of night. They make exceptionally deadly fighters, when experienced and well trained.


The Gith are the group of humans who settled the swamps of Bar-Gith several thousand years ago. They were originally homesteaders who left the area that later became Eria, but due to the geographic isolation provided by the swamps they soon evolved into their own subgroup of Humans. Due to the murky nature of the swamps which they call home their perception has been sharpened to the point that they are naturally able to detect invisible creatures.

The Gith are long-limbed with black hair and sallow skin. They have dark, sunken eyes and they do not put on weight very easily, so they are usually very gaunt and rail-like.

They make good thieves and rangers due to their natural agility.


The glandar are extremely gifted in all forms of magic. When the Darkstone split, the glandar were imbued with much of it's magical energy. They make the perfect mage but are very poor with most forms of combat. Due to their magical abilities they do very little by using physical means and as such they have very low strength. Instead they take pride in their keen minds and wisdom.

Glandar rarely grow higher than 4 feet tall and are very slender and lithe. Their homeland is located just east of the Pardor Mountain range, the capital of which is Elsin.


Gnomes are short and stocky, similar to their dwarven cousins. However, Gnomes have a far sharper intellect and use it to the best of their abilities. Because of their high intelligence, gnomes make good magic users and clerics. Because of their robust forms they have good constitution and can sustain more damage than other races.


The Katrin are a feline race of tall, lithe people. They have long tails and parts of their bodies are covered in fur. They originally hail from the jungles of Morgaz but can now be found the world over. Due to their build, the Katrin have excelent dexterity, making good thieves. They are also considered to be extremely lucky, though this is not proven.


Arayans are a race of humans who come from the north-eastern region of Araya. They are bronze-skinned and of average height. Due to the hot, arid conditions of the region they have better than average constitution. This does not however take much away from their intellects and they have many good mages and clerics.


Haran are a race of humans who come from the western desert regions. They are black skinned and are large boned and very strong. They make excellent fighters. However they are considered weak in many mental pursuits. Even though they may be mages, most consider magic and learning to be a waste and far beneath their station.


This race of humans come from the middle region of eya. They are tall, wiry, fair-haired people who prefer using their intellect rather than their brawn. They have better than average magical abilities but their studious lives mean they are very weak physically. They can become any class but make much better mages and druids.


These are incredibly strong and powerful and often grow well over eight feet tall. Their thick hide can take a strong beating in battle and they have excellent constitution. Minotaurs come from the far east where their homeland is located but they can now be found in most parts of the world. Due to their nature, they are disliked by many other races but are tolerated because of their fierce warlike attitudes. Minotaurs make superb knights and warriors but have very little magical prowess and are unable to become mages, druids or bards.


Eldari, also known as the Wanderers, seem to be a slight mixture of every exsisting race, although they are usually born to humans. They are born with an affinity of curiosity along with the intelligence and wisdom to guide it. However, they are slightly weaker in body, growing up to elven height. They also seem to have a natural affinity to magic.